Silver Hawg ™

The Silver Hawg ™ downhole and surface tools inhibit paraffin, scale and corrosion.

Unique reservoir characterization technologies that cost-effectively reduces drilling completion risk in unconventional basis.

Called the “Silver Hawg” the tool alters the chemical reaction equations for scale formation, metal corrosion, and paraffin (wax) deposition.

Comprised of nine dissimilar metals, the tool acts as a catalyst which enables a change in the electrostatic potential within the reaction equations. This change in electrostatic potential produces a polarization effect at the electron level of molecules. This polarization effect on the molecules in petroleum fluid solutions prevents scale formation, corrosion of metal, and paraffin wax deposition.

For the petroleum industry, CIS has patented two separate tools for fluid treating. To keep sub surface piping clean, CIS developed a “downhole unit” which is installed in the flow string of a wellbore. For all other fluid treating, a “surface unit” can be used.

Reasons to use the “Silver Hawg” tools:

  • Increases production and decreases downtime.
  • Minimizes downtime for remedial surface and subsurface pipe clean outs.
  • Reduction and/or elimination of chemicals used for corrosion and scale inhibition and paraffin (wax) deposition.
  • Environmentally safe. No handling of toxic chemicals or chemical waste.
  • Little to no maintenance is required.
  • Use with both Pumping and Flowing Wells.
  • Extends Equipment Life.
  • Reduces High Tank Bottoms and Bs&W.
  • Easy installation.

This is NOT a magnet (it does NOT create a magnetic field), requires NO electricity or chemicals.

Bar Style Downhole Unit | Tubing Joint Style | Low Pressure Surface Unit | High Pressure Surface Unit

Bar Style Downhole Unit | Tubing Joint Style | Low Pressure Surface Unit | High Pressure Surface Unit

Operational Features

  • Prevention and removal of the buildup of paraffin, scale, and corrosion
  • Non-magnetic, non-electric, and no chemicals required – environmentally friendly
  • Good for high pressure and temperature applications. Not affected by magnetic fields
  • Reduces downtime
  • Reduces chemical costs
  • Reduces hot oil treatment
  • Reduces bottom sludge settling in tanks and lines
  • Increases equipment efficiency and life
  • Easy installation and almost maintenance free
  • Prevents buildup of new paraffin, scale and rust
  • Removes existing paraffin, scale and rust on the surface of the equipment and flowlines
  • Removes and prevents algae
  • Prevents CO2, H2S gases from settling on metal pipes and prevents corrosion.

Performance Comparison Before and After Installation