Representing cost effective production technology solutions

Everyone’s business is down in this low-price environment, yet there’s not a better time to meet with clients to discuss the technologies that effectively help turn their reserves into dollars.

But how do you know which operators really need your technology?

How about adding to your current sales efforts a business development person or team that:

  • Is paid only upon success;
  • Understands operators, their assets, and the typical problems in particular basins;
  • Is consistently talking to clients about their issues;
  • Interacts at industry events;
  • Has developed a reputation of trust and providing customer solutions; and
  • Represents non-competing technologies to be able to provide customer solutions?

RT-Connections Technology Solutions is constantly searching for effective technologies for reservoir and production optimization to share with its clients.

Connect our experience, network and industry knowledge with your technology to effectively reach new markets.

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